SUNDAYS at 10 am

Worship, Holy Communion, & Hospitality.

Sunday October 27

10 am


A special service at 10 am celebrates Martin Luther, who on October 31, 1517 nailed his 95 Theses for debate with the Roman Catholic Church on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg, Germany. This rebellious act by an inspiring Roman Catholic monk & scholar heralded the beginning of the Protestant Revolution and the founding by his followers of the Lutheran Church. The rest is history, as they say. At the service, sing Martin Luther hymns and learn more about him. Zion’s copies of the 95 Theses (in both God’s Mother Tongue and English) will be posted for your light reading. And do join us for a German lunch.

Mondays December 2 and 9

7:30 to 9 pm


Surprisingly for many, Matthew and Luke present two very different and sometimes conflicting birth stories. And you thought you knew the Christmas Story! Come to learn and be challenged as Pastor Peter leads a highly informative and thought-provoking comparative Bible Study and conversation over two evenings. Ideally you can attend both evenings, but do come to at least one. Refreshments provided.


Nov. 10: Pentecost XXII “This is my Body. This is my Blood”

Nov. 17: Pentecost XXIII “The Rapture & Six Feet Under?”

Nov. 24: Christ the King Sunday “What is There about Jesus?”

Everyone is encouraged and welcome to join us for refreshments and conversation downstairs following the worship services.
Please do come!

Pastor Peter & Sherry will be away October 13 & 20, attending a family wedding in Florida, as well as some vacation time in New Orleans.
In his absence, Rev. Claire Goodrich Dyer, a retired Anglican priest, will be leading the services.
Pastor Peter will return to conduct the Reformation Day service on October 27th.

Autumn always brings new beginnings to life’s journeys.
For Zion it means a new outdoor sign to inspire, amuse and invite our passers-by.
Also, a new website which provides music for the soul, sermon excerpts to challenge and inspire, and a “Welcome to Zion” and “A Place to Belong: A spiritual home where each member matters and each person is needed.”
And, hopefully, new members who will feel it in their bones that Zion is where they belong!


At Zion, most of us are actively involved and we invite you to join us however and whenever works best for you and your family. On Sunday mornings, you may like to help prepare for Worship, read the lessons or assist the pastor, or help with hospitality after the service. You may want to lead or to help with some project or ongoing aspect of Zion, such as communications, the cemetery, a children’s program, an outreach or social justice project. You may have some great ideas of your own – you’ll find that the Church Council and members are very open to hearing new ideas for improving and building Zion.

As a church family, on Sundays at Zion we like to celebrate one another’s achievements and milestones. When you have a birthday, anniversary, new job, graduation, whatever, bring a cake or a meal for Hospitality after Worship … we’ll celebrate with you!


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