You’re Invited

At Zion, we always welcome visitors, newcomers, and returning members who walk through our door to worship with us. Come as you are, no special outfit or donation required! Beginners can feel comfortable at Zion, assured that we like to be “real”, not “perfect”, and that someone will offer help if you need it. Following our 10 am Worship & Communion Service (by the way, all are welcome to Communion), we gather for refreshments and friendly conversation, usually finishing by noon. We have a chairlift in the church, and lots of parking space.

Your young folks are welcome. Depending on the number and age of children present, our pastor may provide a kids’ “Object Lesson”.

If you have questions, or would like us to know you’re coming please contact us, or Pastor Peter.


Zion has a very long and rich history, having been established in 1806. A log church was eventually built in 1819 and dedicated that October 3rd with some 60 adults and their children. Of course, membership waxed and waned over the next two centuries. Today, Zion’s building block is not a gathering of believers who are always “right,” because Jesus never said “You shall be right.” But he did say “Be faithful. Be merciful. Be peacemakers. Love God and your neighbour as you love yourself.”

Today, Zion is a small family of diverse members from various nations who live a vibrant sense of belonging to one another and to God. Zion is a family whose journey is that of belonging together, as we talk and walk the road less travelled with Jesus. Jesus is not only preached and heard, but is someone who is happening to and for us—someone who is being passed from person to person through faithfulness and forgiveness, through love and mercy, through the unity of belonging to each another.

God’s Grace

Zion also strives to be the change by which we hope to inspire others, and we can be that change because God loves us enough to change us. Good ideas may well form and inform us; but only God’s love reforms and transforms us. God saves us not by punishing us, but by restoring us. We overcome evil, not with a frontal and heroic attack, but by a humble letting go—a letting go which always first feels like losing. Christianity is the only religion in the world which teaches us, from Christ’s Cross, how to win by losing. It’s an impossible sales job, if it were not for God’s Grace.

Unlike the consumer society in which we live, Zion is not a commodity-based church providing every service possible. Rather, its membership is small and intimate. Most importantly, we belong together, where belonging is valued, enjoyed and appreciated for what it is and what it creates. At Zion, we each belong to one another and are needed. You can be too. We welcome you. Because you matter to God, you matter to us. Belonging always models how life is generated, how faith is shared and how God is love.

Worship in Holy Communion

Every Sunday at Zion we celebrate Holy Communion, which some people call Eucharist, or Mass, or the Lord’s Supper. This sacrament is an intimate sharing of bread and wine, a re-enactment of his final meal when Jesus ate bread and wine and instructed his disciples to do the same in memory of him. Understandings of what Communion means differ among individuals and churches. At Zion, all are welcome to share in this celebration.